Tools I Use

(updated Mar-2015)


Animoto – create amazing videos. Great if you have clients, and also fantastic for video marketing. I’ve also created videos for special events and even as gifts!

MySpeed – speed up online flash video playback. Saves hundreds thousands of hours. If you find yourself with more videos to watch than hours in the day, you need this. 

ScreenFlow – look for it in the Apple App Store. I use it to record long screen shares, do light editing and even record through my build-in video camera.

Camtasia – best video editing software in my opinion. I edit all my videos with it. Look for it on TechSmith’s website, or in the app store as linked.

Snagit – another awesome tool from TechSmith. I use it to record short screen shares and to capture screenshots. Get it from the app store or directly from Techsmith’s website.

EasySketchPRO – create cartoon videos in minutes. I use this to create lead gen and sales videos…and I’ve even used it to create a “book” for my son! Version 2 coming soon.

GoToWebinar – host online webinars and meetings. This is my go-to tool for training and selling. There are a TON of products out there but none as advanced or stable as this one.



Aweber – my old favorite email marketing tool. Still have a majority of my list here…but not for long :-)

SendReach – my second-favorite email marketing tool. This one’s still being built up (translation: occasional errors & downtime) but I *LOVE* the interface. It’s built by a marketer, so it’s got…you know…that stuff you really want.

GetResponse – my new favorite autoresponder. I’m switching to GR for all my list building. What’s the power in it? The ability to specify your own Thank You page, regardless of what anyone’s automation wants to do :-). Also, their customer service is phenomenal, and they’re honest. Isn’t that what it’s all about?

LeadPages – the best lead capture page, sales page, funnel and anything else you want creator, period. If you’re not using LeadPages, you’re losing money on your campaigns! I currently run 100% of my traffic to their pages.



NameCheap – best place to get your domain names. Don’t buy them anywhere else. I’m slowly transferring all my domains here.

HostGator – my favorite place to get shared hosting, period. It comes with cPanel, and is super-cheap to start (less than $5/mo). The other day, I thought to test the speed of my un-optimized WordPress installs on Hostgator. The result? 79/100 performance grade (for shared hosting that’s pretty friggin’ awesome!). They also fixed my sites for free when they were hacked a few months back. Saved me HUNDREDS of dollars.

Beyond Hosting – use this hosting for your CPV Lab install. Super fast & amazing customer service (they’ll do the install for you).



WordPress – Install it with one click via your cPanel, or download it at Takes some getting used to. Not for the technically challenged.

Kalatu – Wordpress on steroids, basically :-).  Takes care of a lot of the technical stuff and makes blogging SUPER simple with built-in plugins. Take the 21-day blogging challenge! Great for those who want a simple blog without having to mess with the techie stuff. Highly recommended for business owners who don’t feel like paying someone thousands of dollars to set up their websites…or to fix them when hacked. Highly recommended. Great affiliate program as well.



WP Remote – awesome free online dashboard to manage all your WordPress sites.



Edgar – fun company. Allows you to schedule social media. Select your categories, add content, set your posting schedule…and DONE. Go on vacation and keep your social media going – or just save time every week because you’re not constantly having to log in and post.



CPV Lab – best for paid advertising. I use it for CPA advertising, including mobile affiliate marketing. Great for PPV / interstitials as well. Best placed on a Beyond Hosting VPS (they’ll do the install for you). – how I shortened almost every link on this page! Fantastic. One of my all-time favorite tools. Mask affiliate links, shorten links with your domain, make links look good…and best of all, it’s got amazing tracking capabilities. Been using this tool under its old name, GoTryThis, since 2008!

Admobix Redirect System – click to watch a video I prepared for the Admobix guys. This tool is friggin’ amazing!

ClickMagick – my go-to tracker for brokered traffic & coops (not to be confused with chicken coops). Amazing capabilities & super-fast. This one’s new & highly recommended.



IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: This page contains affiliate links, and if you make a purchase using one of my links, I get a commission. Please do your due diligence when buying products online. That said, I will never, ever, ever recommend something I don’t believe in, and something I don’t personally use. Which means that if you purchase one of these products, and for whatever reason you can’t figure it out, YES, I probably *can* answer your question.