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CPA Jumpstart
A step-by-step how-to course for CPA, focusing on mobile and PPV. If you’re new to CPA and want to get a running start, this is the course to take. My co-teachers in this course are some of the most amazing CPA marketers I have ever had the pleasure to work with: Mark Roth, Mason Tanner, Steve Lowry, Dustin Bow and Russell DeCorte.

OV AllStars Forum
If you’re serious about making affiliate marketing work for you and you’re willing to work for it, this is the place to go for help with your campaigns. You can ask questions, talk to experienced marketers, and best of all, submit case studies so that we can help you set up & optimize your CPA and affiliate campaigns. I’m one of the coaches on the forum and I highly, highly recommend it.

My Private Training Site
Exactly what it sounds like. I’ve made some of my best training, over $2,000 in value, absolutely FREE. SEO, mobile marketing, list building and much more!